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Client Testimonials

    "Excellence and Integrity"

    I found Mr. Teichner's representation to be spot-on in his responsiveness, excellence and integrity.

    - Tim E.
    "A Trusted Advisor"

    He has become a trusted advisor to me and my family not only for probate issues but also for real estate transactions.

    - Jeanette H.
    "Highly Recommended"

    He was able to work through the complexity, and provided a solution that worked for all involved.

    - Former Client
    "Above and Beyond"

    We’ve had a wonderful experience working with Leon!! He will go above and beyond to make sure to get the job done!

    - Former Client
    "Finest Negotiator"

    Leon is the finest negotiator I have ever worked with.

    - Brian K.
    "Hands-On Practice"

    It's a hands-on practice with personalized care... a total gentleman in demeanor and thoughtfulness.

    - Jeffrey G.
    "Expect the Highest"

    Expect the highest. Leon Teichner’s service was VALUABLE. He delivers.

    - Phyllis T.
    "Sharp, Analytical, and Congenial"

    His integrity is beyond reproach and his warmth makes you feel as if you had just made a new friend.

    - Michael W.
    "High Marks"

    High marks for their responsiveness, trustworthiness, and 40+-year knowledge base.

    - Dr. Sue
    "Never Retire!"

    You have become family to all of us and we hope you'll never retire!

    - John P.
    "A Satisfied Client"

    He helped us understand the process and walked us through each phase.

    - Former Client

    It was a very difficult time for me and he made the process very painless.

    - Former Client
    "Sage Advice"

    Great help, service, and sage advice...We wouldn't think of ever using anyone else.

    - John J.
    "Hard-working and Professional"

    We have NEVER LOST a case in court with Mr. Teichner’s council.

    - Michael M.
    "Forever Grateful"

    Lucky to have him... one of the best.

    - Lewis B.
    "Caring Advocate"

    A person of high integrity and an able and caring advocate for his clients.

    - Edward S.
    "Very Knowledgable"

    An exceptional asset, honest and thorough.

    - William W.
    "I Love Leon"

    He made me feel like family during this difficult time and he was very informative and patient.

    - Michelle J.
    "Highly Recommended"

    When buying or selling real estate, you need a good attorney, don't look further.

    - Akos S.
    "6 Stars if I Could"

    I give him five stars - if I could give him 6 stars, I would.

    - Former Client
    "Gets the Job Done!"

    This guy gets the job done!! Leon is fair, honest, and attentive to the needs of his clients.

    - Former Client
    "Professional and Responsive"

    He is knowledgeable, professional and very responsive.

    - Susan G.
    "Really Appreciated"

    Not only did he support and validate my concerns but kept in constant communication.

    - Cheryl M.

    He made me feel comfortable while explaining step by step each time we went to court.

    - Former Client
    "5+ Stars"

    He handled our case in a professional and timely manner during this difficult time of COVID-19.

    - Michael T.
    "Guardian Angel"

    Leon the “guardian angel attorney.”┬áVery good and knowledgeable at what you do.

    - Former Client
    "Keeps His Eye on the Ball"

    He is an excellent negotiator who keeps his eye on the ball and doesn't get emotional.

    - Former Client
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