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What Can A Chicago Real Estate Lawyer Do For Me?

Most people understand the importance of hiring a real estate agent to help with their real estate affairs. However, many people don’t know that it is also beneficial to work with a real estate lawyer. A real estate attorney can supply various services beyond those of a real estate agent. We offer real estate services that include:

  • Making sure the transaction is completed legally according to local, state, and federal laws
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts to ensure they are accurate, complete, and fair
  • Assisting with the closing process
  • Ensuring the title is transferred to you correctly
  • Answering your questions relating to real estate law and your transaction
  • Checking whether the property you are buying has a lien
  • Working to resolve any disagreements that may arise during the exchange
  • Looking out for your interests throughout the purchase or sale
  • And more…

Overall, a real estate attorney’s job is to help the entire process run more smoothly for you. Of course, if there are challenges with the transaction and litigation is required, a real estate attorney can also represent you in court.

While a real estate agent is extremely valuable, they are not always keeping your needs in mind, as they receive a portion of the sale. For this reason, it’s advantageous to work with a real estate lawyer to ensure no one is taking advantage of you and you are receiving a fair price.


Do I Need A Real Estate Lawyer In Chicago, IL?

In some situations, a real estate attorney might be required for the sale. However, it is still in your favor to work with your own real estate lawyer, even if one is provided by another party. This is because the lawyer you hire will be representing your specific interests, rather than a neutral party negotiating between everyone.

Working with a real estate attorney is especially important when the real estate trade is more complex than normal. This could involve situations where your transaction involves title defects, escrow problems, or easements. Another example of when it is best to work with an attorney is when you are buying an investment property.

Purchasing A Home? Let Us Help!

Although buying a home can be a straightforward process, there are still many ways that a real estate attorney can make the journey easier for you. For instance, a real estate law firm is able to assist with negotiating and drafting agreements between you and the agent or property owner.

When you are purchasing a home, there is a lot at stake. Aside from the financial cost, your hopes and dreams about your future are on the line. Don’t risk going it alone — call the skilled real estate law firm of Leon J. Teichner & Associates for help with your home purchase.

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