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If a loved one has passed, you may be required to go through the probate process or administer a trust, depending on what documents they left behind. While it’s possible to handle the process alone, it can be difficult if you’re unfamiliar with it, not to mention stressful due to the emotional difficulty of distributing your loved one’s belongings. Because of this, it is often beneficial to find a trust or probate administration attorney for assistance. If you live in Skokie, IL or the surrounding areas, then consider contacting Leon J. Teichner and Associates. Attorney Teichner is prepared to help guide you through the administration process. Call today in order to receive your Initial consultation.

We Offer Trust Administration Services

If your loved one left behind a trust, you may have been appointed as its administrator. The administrator has several duties, including:

  • Assessing the value of the assets in the trust.
  • Determining whether anything in the trust should be taxed.
  • Keeping a record of everything listed in the trust.
  • Contacting the beneficiaries and providing them with information on the trust.
  • Collecting and filing any necessary legal documents.
  • Distributing assets to the beneficiaries.

The process can be daunting for individuals unfamiliar with it, and so it can be beneficial to ask a trust administration attorney for assistance. A qualified attorney can act as an invaluable source of information and as a reliable guide throughout the administration process. Their legal expertise can help put your mind at rest. And, if you need a trust administration attorney in the Skokie, IL area, consider contacting Leon Teichner for a Initial consultation.


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If your loved one did not leave behind a trust, then you will likely have to go through the probate process. How the process proceeds depends on whether or not a will was left behind. If it was, then the will needs to be proven; provided everything goes smoothly, the assets can be distributed according to the will. If there is no will, then the state will take charge of distributing the deceased’s belongings.

The probate process can be taxing, and so you may wish to contact a probate administration attorney for assistance. Your attorney can help with several different aspects of the probate process. For example, they can help you collect assets and distribute them. Additionally, they can help with any financial concerns that may arise, such as paying taxes. And if conflicts appear during the probate process they can help quell them.

Leon Teichner is a trust and probate administration attorney with years of experience in the field. He is more than willing to provide clients with assistance during this difficult time. So please, consider contacting him today for your Initial consultation.

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Attorney Teichner has 45 years of experience helping individuals through the probate process. He understands that this can be a difficult process to manage. For that reason, he treats each case with care. He will provide you with advice, and is more than willing to answer any questions you have. He can act as a trust or probate administration attorney for anyone in the following areas:

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