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Areas We Serve

At the Law Offices of Leon J. Teichner & Associates, P.C., we have been delivering legal services to individuals, families, and business owners throughout the greater Chicago area for decades. Attorney Leon Teichner brings almost 50 years of practice to your legal concern, whether it involves protecting your estate, the estate of a loved one, seeking or contesting guardianship of a minor or disabled or incapacitated adult, probate or trust administration, residential and commercial real estate matters, or a civil dispute.

All the above matters require an individualized address by a legal professional who understands the laws, rules, and procedures involved. Attorney Leon Teichner takes pride in helping clients find efficient and effective solutions to legal concerns and issues in these practice areas. He and his team have always worked to bring you the highest level of service in resolving even the most complicated cases. 

 Call the Law Offices of Leon J. Teichner & Associates, P.C. to schedule a free initial consultation with a Chicago attorney about your case at (312) 313-0120. You can also get in touch by sending us your contact details online.


Services Throughout the Greater Chicago Area

Our firm serves clients in the following locations:

Attorney Teichner can help you create wills, trusts, and other legal documents to ensure that your assets are distributed after you are gone according to your wishes. He can also provide guidance on probate and trust administration, including navigating the legal process and addressing any disputes or litigation that may arise. 

In guardianship cases, he can assist with legal proceedings that determine who will be responsible for caring for a minor or an incapacitated adult. Whether you are seeking or contesting such guardianship, he can help support your case with proper arguments and evidence. 

He can also provide advocacy in residential and commercial real estate law matters, including buying or selling property, landlord-tenant disputes, zoning issues, and more.

In civil litigation, you will need an attorney who can help you resolve disputes outside of court in settlement negotiations to avoid the time, expenses, and stress of litigation or take your case to court if that is appropriate or necessary. Mr. Teichner has helped thousands of clients in all types of civil and commercial disputes as well as in all other areas of his practice. Due to his knowledge, skills, and commitment to clients, he has earned legal industry recognition throughout his lengthy career. 

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